Hemp infused Sacred Plus

 Sacred Plus is a Chicago based company dedicated to creating great products that allow each of us to live our best lives.

What is Hemp Extract?

Hemp Extract is oil pressed from parts of the hemp plant.  It does not contain THC. Through the years, hemp oil has been known to help with a variety of benefits from temporary relief of aches and pains to skin moisturization.

Sacred Plus

You have the right to heal naturally. Your way, and on your own terms. Sacred Plus is sourced from natural ingredients including hemp derived extract. Enhance your body’s natural healing process and contribute to an overall sense of wellness.

How to use our products

When using the topical products apply to the problem areas and let the product absorb and take effect after about 5 minutes. Introduce Wellness Tincture with 6-8 drops under your tongue , hold for 30 seconds and swallow. Increase drops daily for a full dose. Maybe used through the day if needed..