AM/PM System Bundle

AM/PM System Bundle

  • Perfect Trio of Signature Pain Balm, Pain Lotion and Wellness Tincture
  • Save 33% over buying the the same products separately




Our Signature AM/PM System Bundle incorporates 3 amazing Sacred Plus Hemp Extract products – our signature Pain Balm, fast-absorbing Pain Lotion and a Hemp Infused Wellness Tincture flavor of your choice – all for our best savings of 33% over buying the same products separately. Start each day with a renewed sense of well-being! Generously apply Sacred Pain Lotion to moisturize and relieve morning aches and pains, enjoy a daily dose of our Wellness Tincture to help with focus and clarity, and then end your day with another dose of tincture to relax the day’s stress away. Meanwhile, massage in our signature Pain Balm to soothe and relieve muscles in the neck, shoulders, knee, lower back, and feet. Make all these steps a ritual to help with more restorative sleep!

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Cruelty Free
  • U.S.A Made
  • Natural Hemp Extract Oil
  • Inner Healer